Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plan B Sometimes Is Just As Good

Saturday, I arrived at the mall at 8:10 a.m. with M ready to greet 13 eager Brownies for a field trip to the Pretzel Shop. Our tour was suppose to start around 8:15. Learning to make Soft Pretzels was reason enough for these girls to get up early.

By the time most of the girls had arrived shortly after 8:15, the Pretzel Store's lights were still off and no one had arrived. I figured they were running late and that maybe I was a little off with the time. When I called the store on Thursday afternoon to remind them of our arrival and give them the final number, I had not specified the time. I knew the owner wanted the Tour/Baking to be done by about 9:30 so she'd have time to get ready for a busy Saturday so maybe the start time was really 8:30.

The girls found the Playzone around the corner in the mall and were having a fabulous time running, jumping, and playing tag. Other than our group and the regular "mall walkers," the place was quiet and I am not really sure that "14 Brownies" and "quiet" should ever be used in the same sentence.

I started to get nervous when the lights were still out at 8:30. I asked the Starbucks employee in the mall center court if they knew what time the Pretzel Store opened. His response was 10. I ask about what time did they arrive? 9:30.

I had planned to surprise the girls after our Pretzel field trip with a backstage tour of a fabulous "Girls Store." A wonderful store Manager had agreed to open up early at 9;40 for a tour to see the workings of a store. We'd have 20 minutes of fun.

By 8:45, I'd decided the Pretzel Lady had forgotten all about our little group. I pulled the Justice Store tour out of my hat and said it was now time for plan B. We'd take a little walk around the mall; talking about the stores and available Career Options. We were finishing up our Careers Try It. They were happy and cooperative. They were over the top thrilled with the backstage tour later.

At 9:00, the lights went on at the Pretzel Store. It was a young employee. She called the manager. She had written down on the wrong week. She thought she had two weekends of field trips. It was too late to start anything, no supplies were ready, and the employee was not prepared.

Still in great spirits, we went to the Food Court. The Cookie Company was open. Cookies for All and Free Water. The Girls were in seventh heaven. We talked about Careers and wrote our dream list. This Spring, I'm going to give the girls their little list of "What I want to be when I grow up" when they bridge over to Juniors.

The Tour of Justice was all I had hoped. Melissa, the manager, was so warm and friendly. The girls excited about the clothes. They got to see the backroom and how merchandise is displayed. She told them all about what she looks for in employees; Friendly, Outgoing, Good Students, etc.

The girls got to practice a "price check" on the cash register and every girl won a prize. Everyone left with big smiles. It was a wonderful Field Trip and they loved it.

We got some Pretzels as we walked out thanks to a troop mother. I don't think they minded Plan B. M said it was great playing tag in the playzone, the cookies were yummy, and Justice was a dream come true.

Lesson Learned: Having a Plan B in your pocket and learning to be flexible and thankful for whatever comes your way is something that will always come in handy. That is a Brownie Lesson worth getting up early on a Saturday morning.

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