Saturday, March 28, 2009

Funny Girls. Cold Boy. Tired Momma

Overheard in the car this week....

We celebrated Ava's Birthday in preschool today. That's not fair!
I just went to her party last week and that was not her birthday, today was. That's not right!
What's not right?
Having a party when's its not your birthday. That's not right!
You can celebrate your birthday on more than one day.
No, you can't. That's wrong. Tomorrow, she's celebrating with her cousins, too and didn't invite me. That's all wrong.

Let's just say if there was a Birthday Patrol, little A would be a member. However, she makes exceptions for herself in this party planning rule. She is planning her own "surprise birthday party" for her birthday some 5 months away. I told her you can't plan your own surprise party, and most 5 year old parties are not surprises. She promises to be "surprised" by the party. She said she'll forget all about it and act surprised when it happens. On top of that, she's wanting an overnight party at the lake this summer and the guest list is co-ed. Not gonna happen sweatheart.

Cold Boy....

C is camping this weekend with his Boy Scout Troop. Not thrilled to be camping. Certainly not thrilled with the temp. Remember it's March. The temp is a.m. was 17 degrees wind chill. BRRR. We told him his sleeping bag was warm to -10 degrees; so if he got cold, just walk around in his mummy bag.

Now, I know why I'm a Girl Scout Leader and not a Boy Scout Parent. I'm planning a Log Cabin Lodge sleepover camp with my girls this summer, but need to figure out if the pool is available first. My kind of camping.

C was in charge of bringing the food for his patrol (7 boys) for the entire weekend. We went shopping on Friday. They had made their list in advance of meals. Let's say you could tell a 12 year old had planned the food. Saturday A.M. Pancakes, Bacon, Juice; Lunch: Ham and Cheese Melts, Kool Aid. Dinner: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Milk, Birthday Cake for Dessert. Sunday A.M. Poptarts.
Let's just say there was not a fruit, veggie or side item on the list. Boys!
Of course. they now have Bananas and Oranges on the menu. I am a mother!

Tired Momma

At the Blood Drive today, A and M commented that giving blood must not be fun. Why I asked? People sure make faces when it's happening. The girls were perfect today, waiting almost all day at the school selling Girl Scout Cookies, and watching a movie while I volunteered/organized. Guess they were watching a little too!!

I said, it's not the easiest thing to give blood. It can hurt and I don't love it; but I sure do love knowing that my gift is helping others. I also like knowing there is no heavy lifting and rest required after giving. Could I just say more women might give blood if that rest and heavy lifting rule was for 5 to 7 days following blood donation!!

M said she thought the people liked the Canteen best with its juice and cookies. I said I think it was she and her sister who liked the Canteen!! Let's just say we had a run on Apple Juice and Oreos.

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