Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WFMW: Reality TV Family Fun

There are only a few family friendly shows on television anymore. Too often. the language, subject matter. and overall disregard for the family makes most network and cable shows off limits during family viewing time.

In fact, last week during a snow storm, we watched Howie Do It as a family thinking that a little slapstick humor would be non-offensive. We had to have the kids leave the room while we waited for a "segment" to get over. The theme involved a bed/ skimpy clothes and a married women and ad executive. It made me blush. We miss the days of Candid Camera. All the humor, none of the gunk!

Amazing Race, the Sunday Night Reality Show, is our Family Reality Show of Choice. Sure, there are times we have to turn our kids eyes away and some of the "couples" cause us to have discussions about Best Friends, but the overall theme of the show is fun, exciting and we've "traveled" all over the world without leaving our living room.

Our family makes a game out of Amazing Race. Each member roots for two chosen teams during the entire season (race). We then pick a Restaurant for each team (no duplicates) and then the final team standing's restaurant is our next family dinner out.

Season 14 of Amazing Race started last Sunday, they are now down to 10 teams perfect for our family of 5. We waited until the first team was eliminated and the we'd gotten a feel for each team before we put in our bid. It was so fun to watch the hows and whys of the choices.

A picked her teams during the opening credits. Seriously! It was all about the looks and the attitude. She took the Cheerleaders and the Flight Attendants. Blondes, Cute, Young and had pretty color coats. This girl has her own ideas. Her Restaurants are Burger King and a local Pizza Parlor with a great game room. Let's just say we won't be disappointed if she is eliminated early on. Funny Note: A was worried about what happened to last year's teams. Where are those Frat Boys she asked.

M was a little more choosy. While she probably would have gone for her sister's choices based on style, she was looking a little closer at the brains and brawn. She went for the Siblings who are Harvard Law Grads and an Older Married Couple. She has dreams of her grandparents going on the Amazing Race. Her Restaurants are Buffalo Wild Wings and Texas Road House.

C was at Youth Group and had to watch the show on DVR, so we allowed him to chose with our help based on the opening credits and our suggestions. He has the Mother and Deaf Son who not only caught all of our hearts, but shows so much about C, too. Although he really wanted another power couple, we made him choose from our bottom three to be fair. He ended up with the dating couple Amanda and Kris. He's going for a local Japanese Restaurant and a Local Coffee Shop's Sunday Brunch Buffett as his choices. Honestly I'm cheering for him and worried he'll win again (he won last time) as I love Japanese food. Plus the rest of us deserve a chance in the winner's circle too!

Hubs probably the best game strategist in the group graciously allowed the children to pick first and as a result has a top tier and a bottom tiered team. His Stunt Men Brothers proved this week that they have lots of spunk and no fear, and his Father/Son Duo might look a little weak on all fronts. He has "shockingly" picked his two favorite types of food; a local BBQ Joint and a Local Mexican Place.

I am excited for my two teams: the Amazing Sister Athletes (that's what I call them) and the Married Hillbillies. The sisters will represent a down home Czech Restaurant with the most delicious dumplings and kraut, and the married couple will be my Mimi's Cafe selection.

Choosing teams, cheering for them, and watching them fall to defeat has been such a fun family time. It's great to talk about how they treat each other, how some complain too much, why others seem to have such great teamwork. Of course, how funny some of the jobs and customs the groups are placed in each week only addx to the fun. We've had some great belly laughs at their expense.

Stay Tuned for who wins Amazing Race 14 or join us in this fun activity and start your own group of restaurants and contestants. Family Fun Works For Me!! Check out other Works for Me Wednesday Posts at Rocks in My Dryer. http://rocksinmydryer.typepad.com/shannon/

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