Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Power Source Upgrade

Last week, my computer wasn't working. By which I mean, I pushed the power button on the tower and nothing happened. Nada! Zilch! I pushed again. Nothing. Played with the cords, the outlets, and pushed again. Same result; nothing. I said a quick prayer about why I really needed the computer that day and tried again.

Let's say I might have pushed the button 100 times, prayed over it, laid hands on it, and the result was always the same. I even left the room and came back in singing a happy jig and no power.

When I called a computer house call doctor, he said it was either a power source issue or my motherboard had fried. What! I had no idea what a motherboard was, but the thought scared me. I figured mothers are very important and therefore, this had to be very important. He'd come the next day at 6;00 p.m. for about $100 to check it out.

Two days of no computer. Possibly 100 of dollars for repairs and no promise of a computer by the weekend.

I was sad. Behind on some volunteer projects and unable to email people about upcoming events, meetings, and bible study; I had to call on friends to help me out.

Friday morning I went to my mom's bible study group. It was a small group. I had been late with the email. I lamented my problem about the computer and that I would be having a repairman out that night.

God then stepped in and answered my prayers in a big way. One of the moms said, "My husband loves to tinker with computers and could probably fix it for you this weekend. He does this for friends all the time." At this point, I might have volunteered to make dinner for this family for a month. No payment was needed she said. It was his gift and loved to share it with others.

I had not thought to ask God if He would send someone to me that could solve my computer problem. By evening, this dear friend's husband had come over and solved my problem in about 30 minutes. It was the "power source" and only cost $39.00.

A new power source. Sounds so simple to the right person. He knew exactly what the problem was and told me that these things happened to desktops about my computer's age. Quick and Easy.

I think sometimes my problem is a power source issue too. I wake up tired and stressed over a big to do list. I see the pile of laundry or the errands that need running, my power button gets over used, and the power goes out. I need to plug into a new "power source." I need to wake up early and get into the Word. I need to lay my petitions before the Lord and ask him for the power to get through my day. I need to do my bible study first not at the end of a long day.

This week, I'm trying to plug into my "power source" everyday.

Thank you God for lessons learned and chances to trade out the old for a new with all the power I need. Thank you, too for families who help others out by sharing their gifts/talents and all they want in return is a warm plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. May I too find ways to share my talents with no expectations of return.

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