Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sisters. Sisters. Never Such Devoted Sisters.

I come from a small family. All the way around. My mom is an only child. My father has one brother. I have a mom and dad and a brother. We joked that for a family reunion we would have to rent people. Not enough people to even make it worth a t shirt.

I never had a sister, but I wished for one. Especially as I got to my teenage years, it would have been nice to watch someone else go through the years ahead of me. My only cousins were both boys and younger than us.
As a mother, it's fun to watch sisters. My two girls, while four years apart, are great sisters most of the time. They will play, dance and sing together. M will show A the moves and A will copy them with laughter and giggles. Watching how different and yet how alike they are has been fun. My husband and I laugh that they will grow up wishing for the other's hair. M's is naturally full of body, thick, uncontrollable and she has lots. A's hair is thin, flat and grows slowly.

Last night, the sisters had a sleepover in M's room. We pulled out her trundle, brought up a portable DVD player, and they got in jammie's to watch a movie before bed. Then they talked for a while before sleep overcame them. They were so excited to get to do this while their brother was away at a friend's house. Sisters, It's really a fun relationship to watch!
I can remember when I was pregnant with A how I silently prayed that she would be a girl so M would have a sister. I figured, since they would be closer in age, it would make the most sense if they were the same gender. While they will never be in the same school at the same time, get to play on sports teams together, or go to school dances, they will be forever linked to one another. They will get to share secrets and trade information on dating, makeup, and someday mothering. What a blessing.

I have to admit that I am a softy when it comes to old movies with dancing and singing. I love to watch Singing in the Rain, Sound of Music, and, of course, White Christmas with Bing Crosby. I silently wished I had a sister so that we could go on the road together dancing and singing in night clubs wearing adorable outfits. Of course, the singing and dancing talents aren't really there nor is the old fashioned night club in vogue, but a girl can dream.

The thing my heart misses the most is a sister to do all those things with or to lay in bed at a sleepover and whisper with. I think God knew what he was doing when he sent two little girls to our family. They can be sisters. I can watch and encourage and nourish their relationship forever. I get to cheer on the sisters.

I might even sing the "Sisters Song" from White Christmas " in my head a little bit each day.

Who knows with their dancing talents maybe M and A will be taking their "sister act" on the road someday. Hope I get some say in the costumes. I'm thinking White Christmas II.


Kim said...

My girls came one right after the other when I was a young momma. God certainly knew kind of void these sweet sisters would fill.

You are so right about the blessing of watching this very special friendship bud and grow. When my girls were younger (the age of your girls) they did fight quite a bit more bit still had that precious bond of friendship. As they grow older, they are actually growing closer ... appreciating the differences (which are many!) and really caring for the other one in more grown-up ways.

I wished for a sister as well. I love watching God fulfill a hearts desire in His time ... and His way.


jodi said...

I have 2 much older sisters, so it has only been since we have all become "adults" that we are close. However, I, too, have 2 girls and it is just plain fun to watch them together...sometimes even when they are fighting - I like to hear/see them work out their "problem" (at their age it is generally who took what from whom...but *problem solving" nonetheless, right?!). Great post, Jill! See y ou Wed!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jill - you really nailed this one. The sister relationship is extremely special and now that Nancy and I are older, I am thrilled that we talk almost everyday. And I too did have dreams of cute costumes and dancing and singing. And even with a sister, I am sure glad God introduced you and I senior year so we could share the dating, makeup and clothes issues back in the 80's. You are so much fun!