Monday, December 1, 2008

With Grateful Hearts

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. There was great feasting, plenty of rest, time spent with family, carrying on of traditions, and creating memories to store up for the winter. We've officially entered that crazy month of December, but first I wanted to reflect on a great November.

At the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at our local History Museum.

We were thrilled that once again that my in laws made the trek to visit us from Chicago. It wasn't just the great Norwegian Christmas Cookies that Bestemor made that made my kids smile. They were just thrilled to have them here for a few days. Snuggling, craft time, looking at scrapbooks, and a few loud games of Apples to Apples made for a wonderful long weekend. Tears were evident Saturday night before bed when we said good-bye to the grands knowing we would not see them again until springtime. What a blessing it is to have two sets of grandparents involved in our lives passing on traditions and memories. One of the highlights for the kids was our trex to the local Scandinavian Shop. How thrilled they are with their Norwegian Heritage and the fact they are just the second generation of their family to be born in the United States.

Their mother needs to do a better job of passing on some German and English traditions, too!

Bestefar and the kids looking over the Birthday Calendar we made with photos of our Minnesota Vacation this past summer. It was great to relive the fun we had on that trip.

Things I want to remember:
* The smile on all three kids faces when the Grandparents arrived on Wednesday.

* The thrill when they realized that cookies had arrived too.

* C teaching Bestefar how to play football on the Play Station

* M and A coloring and making crafts at the kitchen table with Bestemor

* Laughs and Giggles in the family room when A played judge for Apples to Apples. Her knowledge of history and people is really lacking. What do you expect from a 4 year old!

* Christmas Tree Lighting at the Train Station and driving through the lights downtown. The oohs and ahas from all were well worth the fighting in the backseat.

Thank you God for a wonderful time this Thanksgiving. Time is a wonderful gift and I'm grateful that we were able to share this time with all of our family.

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