Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Don't Know How To Read

Since this has become a way to document event/sayings/ happenings of our family until I have time to get them into our scrapbook, I have a few things I need to get down on paper (PC Monitor?) right away before they escape me.

Those of you who know our little family are aware that A, the 4 year old, is actually a 40 year old in a very small package. She spends so much of her time with me and other adults that her vocabulary, mannerism and thoughts are often very grown up. In fact, she told me just yesterday that I was not going to be her best friend anymore if I didn't take her to Burger King for lunch. I wasn't aware we were best friends!

If you recall, she is working on writing her name, but leaves out all the e's because she doesn't like them. Too bad! There are two in her first name and two more in her last. Guess we should have consulted her first on naming rights.

She made a card the other day for her "boyfriend" G. It was made during preschool art time and she handed it to him right after school. She beamed with excitement when she handed it over to him and his cute little family

G's mom is my friend Jenn who has a great blog: was so kind to act impressed with the words. To me it looked a lot like this.

a a att annatttt atatat tt aaa.

But bigger and not in a row, but you get my gist.

On the way home in the car, I asked A what she wrote.

She said "a word."

I said, "What Word?"

She said, "Hello, I can't read, I don't know."

Stunned silence from the mother.

"What do you mean?" I said

"I don't know how to read so how do I know what the word is? Don't his parents know how to read?" A said in utter disgust for her mother's inability to understand.

"Well you are right they do" I said.

The next day G invited A over to play. She told me obviously his parents must be able to read cause he knew to have her over!

I must, in defense of A, say that there are other children in my family who think and act in such a way. They do things that leave their parents in stunned silence. Unfortunately, often the things they say or do might embarrass them later so I'm trying to respect their privacy.

Like, I would never share how my 11 yr old son wore his swimsuit, swim towel and running pants home today from his Boy Scout Swim Test and told me it felt like he had wet his pants. That's too private!

Or, when he told me that while swimming, he was to pretend to drown and someone was to throw him a rope. Guess the guy missed by about 2 feet. C had to kick under water to the side of the pool. What cracked me up was when he said; "If I was a real person, I would have died."

Or, I would never comment on my 8 yr old daughter and how yesterday while hanging the outside Christmas lights, she asked if they needed to be plugged in first to light up. Not sure if she thought they were solar lights or was more worried that we needed to get inside and get the hot chocolate going.

I, of course, never think first; that's why I have this blog. Of course, I have my husband ready to read before I post just in case I would embarrass myself. Either that or I have no idea how to use a comma.

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jenn said...

I am so glad I can read Miss A's note. She's a funny one! Since our four year olds are supposedly getting married next weekend, we are practicing her name here. Good thing there are no e's in our last name...maybe that's why she's getting married!