Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Fabulous: In My Mind

I've been nominated for a blog award. Hard to believe I know ,but I have very kind friends. Jen my sweet soon to be in-law ( if our 4 year olds get married) is the reason I have this beautiful trophy to show you. Thanks Jen I'm not sure I am worthy.

This blog award comes with a catch however. I must reveal to you my listening audience my 5 addictions. Seriously. My addictions listed out for the whole world wide web. Good thing my family already knows them.

I'd say it's in no order but the first one is my biggest by far...and away.
1. Diet Pepsi. Yes DP not Diet Coke. I'm a true Midwesterner; Pepsi products please. Did you know in places like Texas ( my husband's favorite homeland) you have to search high and low for Diet Pepsi. They even ask you at restaurants " do you want a coke, what kind" Favorite way to drink it: Fountain Pop with crushed ice from a convenient store.

2. Lists. Yes Lists and more lists. I make a" to do list" every morning of what I need and want to do that day. When I was in college I would even write things I'd already done just so I could cross it off. That's a problem. I have lists of who to call, long term projects, vacation packing lists, and of course my all time favorites weekly menu lists and grocery lists. Favorite list making tool: I love index cards for lists, they have blank spaces and lined so I can use both sides.

3. Hallmark Channel Movies. Don't laugh if you have not tried them. I love to watch these while I'm knitting in the afternoon during A's rest time. I give myself one hour to watch and knit and can usually almost finish a movie. They can be sappy, but are non offensive, normally have a good moral compass and they just make me happy. My greatest sadness is when the DVR does not record my movie. Favorite Way to Watch; with the fire roaring, diet Pepsi and my knitting project in my lap.

4. Reading Books only one time. I love to read especially Christian Fiction, but don't ask me to read them twice. I remember the characters and settings too much to enjoy the storyline a second time through. Good thing my mother buys a lot of books and shares them with me now that I don't work in a Christian Bookstore and just borrow them for book reviews.
Favorite way to enjoy: I bring a book with me wherever I go and love to read in waiting rooms etc. I've been know to read 4 books on a week long vacation. Good Thing my husband does the driving.

5. Having a Project To Do: I must at all times have something I'm working on. It can be a project for home, volunteer jobs or a craft project but I need to have something occupying my time. Right now it might be a few too many projects: school volunteer job, knitting jobs that must be done for Christmas, a few other Christmas projects (not to be discussed yet) and of course I have self imposed deadlines and expectations for all of them. Favorite project: A Christmas Surprise I'm working on right now. I'll discuss after Christmas.

I have a few other things that I addicted too like my favorite candy that's impossible to find; Chuckles. Traditions at Christmas that I'm not willing to give up: Opening presents on Christmas Day not Eve and of course you must have pecan rolls and cranberry juice to drink that morning too.

I tag the following people who might not all have blogs but can write in the comments their top five.

1. Kim at Mercy Days who encourages me to be a better blogging and mother by her inspiring posts.

2. Wendy who is a fellow Midwesterner and takes the most amazing photos ever.

3. My Friend Kath who reads my ramblings and must laugh like crazy having known me for over 20 years. She's probably waiting for me to grow up but loves me anyway.

4 and 5: The Friends I'm telling this week about this blog. I've not shared the fact that I blog with any real life friends yet (except Kath and Jenn). Not my family, not close friends. I'm thinking of putting it our Christmas Letter which goes out to about 5 people. Or maybe more.
If I do spill the beans and you've found me please play along.


Anonymous said...

Wow - can't believe I am tagged. Ok - my newest one is Sweet Tea from McDonalds ($1.07) - love it, reading blogs, walking outside each day (need to be in nature), talking to my sister incessantly, also a huge list maker. Love your blog - Kath

Wendy said...

thanks for the tag! this is a fun one!

also, thanks for the compliment! wow! i'm really new at photography, but love it.