Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day: It's Going to Be a Loud Winter

Even though Dad had requested an 8:30 a.m. wake up call, our first visitor was actually at 4:30 a.m..  Believe me, even though she's adorable, we sent her back to bed with strict orders to not get out until she heard her brother in the hallway.  Teenage boys always sleep in right?

Of course, Mr C failed this test and was up at 7:30 much to our chagrin.  Really. We then tortured the kids for at least a half hour saying we couldn't go down yet as we had promised Santa eight thirty.  Finally at eight, we gave in to peer pressure.

Miss A was in seventh heaven when she saw the guitar!  Her screams were so loud I checked to make sure that the windows stayed in place.  Miss M was giggling when she saw the digital camera for her and Mr C was surprised to find a weight set on the fireplace.  Well in actuality it was just a single weight as Santa brought the rest downstairs to the bench.  C is looking forward to some great matches on the Foosball Table he got and has already proven a worthy opponent. His mother no so much.  I said it was due to the fact that I spent all my time in college studying or campaigning and his father obviously was off at parties!

It was a fun Christmas. No rush to get anywhere. No pressure to open presents in a hurry.  Pecan Rolls and Cranberry Juice for Breakfast.  A great brisket in the oven for Christmas Dinner and plans for Nana and Papa to come and enjoy a lazy afternoon of domino's and football games.

We had a wonderful Christmas season this year and were abundantly blessed with time with family and friends along with opportunities to bless others this year.  I really could not have asked more.

Now, we just need to figure out who can teach Miss A how to play the guitar and I need to spend a little time working on my skills with the Foosball table.  Thankfully, Miss M will be able to capture all the moments as I'll be busy covering my ears and using my feet to more my "guys" on the table.

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