Monday, December 19, 2011

Bells are Ringing, Children are Singing, Christmas is Here!

Friday night was our annual family Bell Ringing shift.  In his great mercy, the Lord allowed it be 40 degrees outside for most of the evening.  What mercy he bestowed on us.  You might think I'm mocking the whole role He played in the weather, but after a few years ago worrying that we might get frost bite, we all rejoiced that this year it was glorious. (Well as glorious as it can be in the Midwest in late December.)

I brought along a few bells of our own to use as the Salvation Army only provides you with one bell per shift and who wants to see children fighting because they don't have their own bells.  Next year though, I'm getting something better than the "door hangers" I picked up at the Dollar Store.  Let's just say a few of the bells did not make it to the end of the evening.

Since we only had a two hour shift, we broke with our tradition of eating at the "grocery store" restaurant during our shift and instead we ate first at Five Guys.  Nothing like Hamburgers and Fries to warm the cockles of your heart. 

Mr C brought along a friend from school and some great friends joined us too.  Our festive group had a great time and really got into the Christmas Spirit.  Miss A was dancing a "jig" drumming up business for our kettle and Miss M and the boys were singing carols .  Twelve Days of Christmas was especially loud and maybe off key just a little bit, but the joy was evident.  Miss A of course belived that she and Mr G were filling the coffers just by being adorable!  Mr C and Miss M and friends claimed it was their charm and great singing.

It really was a perfect evening.  Of course, the hot chocolate, warm snow boots and pie at Village Inn that ended the evening made it even better.  I think this could be my favorite Christmas Tradition.  Great memories.

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