Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Very Pink Day!

Saturday was a Pink Day around these parts. Miss A had her parents to herself for the entire day and, with the exception of an early morning soccer game and tickets to a Musical, it was her choice as to what we did.

Let's just say it was fabulous. Better yet, it was Pinkalious!

After lunch at one of Miss A's favorite burger joints (where of course a burger has never crossed her lips; but their chicken fingers have), we headed off to the children's museum for one last hurrah before our membership expires. It was fabulous, but we are definitely ready for bigger and better things.

Then, it was off to the Children's Theater downtown for a Pinkalious the Musical. To say that there was more cotton candy, pepto bismol and hot pink in the place than at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure would not be an understatement. Everyone under five feet had on one version of pink or another. Thanks to Dad, our daughter even had a curly pink tiara with matching train that she wore for the performance and church the next day too.

Pinkalious was giggly girl fun. Miss A commented that she felt sorry for the boys in the audience and figured their mother's had "made" them go to the show. Miss A giggled and cheered along with the play and the grin on her face was mile wide the entire show. She was sad when the curtain fell and asked "is it really over?" I think she was hoping for intermission.

To top off our perfectly pink day with our favorite Kindergartner, we headed to a local cupcake shop for a treat. Miss A picked a flavor and design that was perfect; Wild Thing. An adorable tie die cupcake with green and blue frosting.

Spending one on one time with Miss A was such a blessing, a moment in time we will not soon forget. I think we all had a fabulous, pinkalious day!
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