Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dipping our feet in the Snake River: Lesson Learned that the Internet Lies

I'm the Vacation Researcher in our family.  You know the one who researches where we should go, where to stay and fun places/things to do while we are on the way to the destination and once we are there.  I normally put together a folder filled with brochures from the Tourist Department and maps on how to get to places; I think I might have even done this for our honeymoon to San Fransisco twenty years ago!  Now with Internet searches and travel blogs, I have a plethora of materials and information for our trips.

However ladies and gentleman, this year I learned that the Internet lies. Really.  I was looking for some quick day trips from Keystone and saw a few messages about a "Mining Ghost Town" not too far up the road from our Condo.  According to the information I read, Montezuma Colorado is a town that once was a booming mining community, but now is nearly deserted except for a school house, gift shop and a great walking tour.

Let's just say it was nothing like what I expected.  In fact, it's almost comical to think about the difference between the image I had in my head and the reality.  One room schoolhouse vs. shabby falling apart homes with cars on blocks and stray cats roaming the streets.  No Kidding.  We never got out of the car.  You know my three rules: no cats, bats or rats.  Well let's just say that I have the feeling had we exited the car we would have encountered all of the above.

To rectify the situation, we decided to have our picnic near the Snake River and dip our feet in the crisp clear water.  We walked on rocks, skipped rocks and just had an old fashioned day down by the river.  Better than any Ghost Town could have been.

While this day might not have been what I imagined; it really turned out to be a perfect Vacation Day; relaxing and surrounded by beautiful sights and our family was all together.

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