Thursday, November 13, 2008

Math Jocks Rule

My son is a math jock. I mean that in the nicest way. He gets math. His mother not so much.

He was in a City Wide Math Competition last week with 6th graders from all over the district. They had a 60 question written exam followed by a 30 question team quiz bowl.

He had the biggest cheering section. Yes, you can go to math competitions and watch! Bet you didn't know that did you? His grandfather, both parents and youngest sister watched the Quiz Bowl. His little sister and I had made a poster, we clapped and yelped and got all excited when they were competing.

The test was so hard that 22/60 was the top score. My husband struggled on the practice tests, said he couldn't believe how hard the questions were. It was about concepts and skills they didn't know yet.

My son said they competed "smart" by dividing the test into 4 sections. They each answered those questions and helped each other out on the tough ones. Great Teamwork!!

When they announced the winners, we held our breaths. His team of 4 took first place in the written exam and 4th in the quiz bowl. First Place-wow. I might have run down the aisle and snapped a few pictures of the big trophy and burger king hats they gave to the winners, but we don't have to tell anyone, do we?

We were so proud.

Math is not my thing. When the quiz bowl questions were on the screen, I didn't know all the answers. I'm ok with that. I'm ok with my son being a math jock. I can hardly wait to see how God will use this incredibly intelligent and bright young man some day.

This is the same kid who at the age of 3 told us he wanted to be a Astronaut and, at age 5, when the shuttle crashed said instead he'd be an Aeronautical Engineer so he could build a better spaceship.

He told me that the math competition was one of his best days ever.

Next year I'm getting t-shirts printed up with My Son is A Math Jock. You won't see a prouder Mom!

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